without limits but with a passion for results
and we want to be a part of it and do great things.

A call to participate

The speed of change makes even corporations tremble. Too big to fail - there is no more. How to act in times when everything is questioned?

The ways to the goal are manifold and also individual for each market participant but they all have one thing in common. The successful path begins with an honest, trusting, fair and constructive exchange.

Thinking in silos, thinking in industries, thinking in suppliers and customers - thinking in old structures has an end. With Life Science meets DIGITAL, we have created a platform to break down the barriers in people's minds and in their actions.

We define the future in which we live!

Dr. Uwe Andreas Amann

Focus of our activities

We don't just want to talk - we want to experiment with the clear goal of building solutions together.

In order for ideas to have the possibilities to become real solutions, rules of the game and a consensual process for the achievement of objectives are needed. The digitalRACE process is the conceptual basis for this approach. Defining guard rails and yet ensuring maximum freedom is an art.

The Event Life Science meets DIGITAL is just the first step The value of this event does not lie in coming once only. To be inspired to create something in your own company is not the goal. It is the aim of the participating companies to jointly create new solutions that would not be possible alone. It's not just about win-win, it's about creating synergies. It is about learning how ecosystems can be created and how to make unthinkable solutions feasible. Start small, quickly recognize whether success is possible or fail fast. This is the innovative power that is needed. With the last 10 events of the event and the think tanks we have learned a lot.

the ideas.

Companies have to compete for the best employees. The same applies to the best ideas. Recruiting ideas at all levels is needed. To be an attractive company for ideas is increasingly a critical capability for success. Life Science meets DITIGAL supports the idea. The event supports the development of ideas in a cross-sector environment.

and participate

Not every idea is interesting for every company. Before the start, every company must clarify whether and if so how far it would like to participate.
The implementation team defines the roles and rights and the clear scope for the solution.

all you need

The idea becomes a solution using agile methods. From sprint to sprint the necessary aspects are dealt with. From the business case over the necessary capabilities up to a first prototype. And all this in 1 to 3 months. That is the goal.

ideas to get really big

No matter which way you choose. Even the best ideas need a tough execution plan. By using the possibilities of the partners, a relevant market presence can be achieved quickly.

Support implementation

The event Life Science meets DIGITAL is organized by DETECON and T-Systems. The support within the digitralRACE process is provided by the Institute for Digital Innovations in Healthcare. From 01.03.2019 further information will be provided.