Three phases

on the way to an open ecosystem for the healthcare system

2013 - Starting up a grate idea

In 2013, Dirk Natho and Dr. Uwe Andreas Amann had recognized the need for cross-sector cooperation in the healthcare sector. The idea of an exchange platform between the pharmaceutical and telecommunications industries was born. In the same year, the first event was held, with minimal resources, a lot of enthusiasm and the strong belief to make a difference.

2014 - First contact

In The first exchange began with an open discussion with experts from Boehringer Ingelheim. Two worlds, two business models and two ideologies met for an open and honest discussion.Bringing together the pharmaceutical development cycle of 10 years in the ICT industry seemed almost impossible. And the pharmaceutical industry had to learn that the times when this industry could do everything itself are over. No, there is even the danger that the core business of pharmaceuticals will be attacked by other industries.

2015 - Collaboration becomes possible

After a few workshops and intensive discussions, the conviction developed that cooperation as equal partners would not only be conceivable, but also extremely profitable for the side. But the topics were still too far away from each other. The right focus had to be found.

2016 - Kick off for think tanks as virtual start-ups

Since 2016, four think tanks have been installed to make better use of the time between events. With the mind set of start-ups the aim was to develop feasible common business models. Solutions for data sharing for research, for the development of health assistants for better patient support and for a platform for corporate health care should be evaluated. The results should be presented at subsequent events.

2017 - Valuable ideas need investors

Some of the ideas were stopped because they were not feasible, some were postponed but some were pushed so far that real collaborations were found for implementation. The work was started and application scenarios were developed which will be presented continuously at the next events.

2018 - It needs more commitment

An important experience could be gained. A commitment from the highly anagrated experts is not enough. Without the support of the companies and at least a minimal budget, it is not possible to implement good ideas. In addition, framework conditions must be defined that allow companies to work together flexibly and trustworthily. A framework for cross-sector ecosystems is needed.

DETECON has taken over the task of providing the necessary framework for the successful development of ecosystems. The next events should evaluate the approaches.